Koti Marathi (2016) Full Movie Online

Movie Koti
 Release Date December 12,2016 
Genre Family, Drama
 Cast Aadnyesh Mudshingakar, Divyesh Medge, Vinita Kale, Sandesh Jadhav, Sanjay Kulkarni 
Director Suhas Bhosle 
Story By Rajesh Durge 
Music Composer Baban Adagale, Manoj Negi
 Producer Dr. Santosh Sampatrav Pote,Dr. Sunita Pote
 Distributor Om Arts 

Koti is another Marathi Family Drama which deals with the predicament of a Family engrossed in a socially unacceptable love story. The social and sensitive issue of feminism is raised in this movie where the lead role of Sham the elder son is portraying the feminine character. The tensions and social burden of the Family is showcased where the son’s father decides to send away his Family, but shams younger brother Babhrya who loves his brother unconditionally takes a strong stand and resist his father and society.

The film is narrated well which accompanies the innocent transgender aspects of the rural Indian Society .
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